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Creating a homelike atmosphere, additional elements such as window sills and bookshelves, which are mounted on decorative brackets, can be chosen. Atmospheric lighting, creating halogen lamps, which can be integrated into the bookshelves.

To make best use of very small pavilions comfortable benches along 1, 3 or even 5 side walls can be fitted . A narrow shelf behind the back can be used here as an additional decoration. In height and diameter matching tables are also available.

Electrical Equipment

For convenient use in your garden building we can install equipment with power supply. We offer beautifully designed for this purpose, operationally safe and moisture-proof switches, dimmers and outlets, which are set into pre-milled pillars. The cable routing is invisible, so the romance is not affected.

Electric Heating

With a heat wave heater you can heat the room as needed in a short time. A frost protection controller maintains the desired room temperature during winter time, allowing the over wintering of Mediterranean plants.
The radiators can be installed either below the window, or remain on wheels to move freely.

Houses that are to be used in winter

At an additional cost we can incorporate dual-wall construction and insulation. The floor and the roof cavity to be filled in this case with foam or rock wool, making your building perfect for all year-round use.

Safety glazing and glazing

The standard glass of our house consists of 4 mm thick safety glass. If desired, this can be replaced with double glazing (float 4-8-4). The appearance of the latticework hereby changes only slightly, so that the windows retain their delicate charm.
Also, safety glass (LSG) can be installed.
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