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Living material wood

Wood is a natural product that is traditionally used as construction material for buildings.
In our EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION of pavilions, gazebos, tea houses and summer houses we use an exclusively fine year’s timber from Eurooean forests, which is additionally seasoned in a drying chamber to 13% moisture content. We do not use tropical woods or less durable materials such as wood-based composite panels. Every single piece of wood is carefully inspected and delivered to its appropriate use.

We use for our homes:
Softwood (Spruce Picea abies or Larix decidua)
Hardwood (European Robinia pseudoacacia or “Black Locust”)

The extremely hard wood of the native black locust is one of resistance class 1, so is the most durable of woods and is a real alternative to tropical woods.
We always make joists and ground engaging frame members from black locust.

For the wall construction and the floor you have a choice between three types of wood, pine , larch or Acacia (Robinia pseudo acacia). . We will be pleased to calculate the price according to your choice of wood.

Traditional processing

A largely traditional labour-intensive process and therefore provides the durability and charm of our garden ornaments.

The wall elements

are manufactured in frame construction, thereby panelling walls have that nostalgic look. All wall sections are joined together by non-visible connection fittings. As exterior decorative elements on some models we provide hand cut ornaments, called arabesques. There is also a simpler, more straightforward version of ornaments from which to choose.


The basic configuration of all of our homes includes a floor on joists made of black locust wood. The flooring is made of sturdy natural colour treated softwood (standard equipment) or hardwood (surcharge) - installed with ventilation in a decorative arrangement.

Doors and windows

Solid wood glued in layers, therefore free from distortion. Old world craftsmanship to manufacture two double opening windows and double doors with real glass. The dividing lattice is a key feature of our exclusive collection of homes.
Standard is 5 mm single glazing, but we can also supply double glazing (float 4-8-4).


Windows and doors come with stylish, high-quality window handles, door lever handles with profile cylinder lock and window and door hinges made of solid, polished brass (chrome fittings also available). An inset in the door five-point locking bar is a plus factor.

Window / Door Accessories

To attach the window leaves in multiple positions elegant window stays made of solid brass can be ordered. Doors come with brass hooks.
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